"You don't have to call me darlin', Darlin'."

We all need something to do when we're trying not to obsess over someone, and well... this is my thing.

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Let’s get real, if I were gonna bang anyone on Teen Wolf, it would be THIS GUY:

1. Teens on the show: ugh, gross, they would be terrible, all jackrabbit humping and Axe.

2. Papa Stilinski might cry.

3. Derek Hale would DEFINITELY cry and would also probably play Your Body is A Wonderland on repeat.

4. Look at this guy. He goes downtown. He goes uptown. He goes on the cross town bus and then gets a transfer so he can take the express. He was super in love with his wife and made crazy love to her constantly and she does not strike me as a lady who is easily pleased and what I’m saying is fffffffffffffff, leg holster me on it. Deep-v-neck me on it. 


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AU meme
↳Damon and Elena as Anastasia and Dimitri.

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Well this is ridiculous.

Well this is ridiculous.

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top ten otps
↳ 7. pacey and joey, dawson’s creek

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